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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

You have no idea how glad I am to be able to say that, so I'll keep it very brief. You see, I had a heart attack this past week and got the be-jaybers scared out of me! I do believe it's called a "WAKE UP CALL". The doctor was very happy with the way I responded to treatment  so my hospital stay was short. This week, tho, I go back for a consult on peripheral artery bypass surgery on both legs, so we'll see what happens next.  Okay, are we having fun yet?
I made this card a little while back, as soon as I saw these precious images on HouseMouse. I'm so glad I did because just looking at these precious meeses makes me feel better. I hope they do the same for you, and that everyone has a HAPPY and HEALTHY New Year!!!!!!!

Here's the inside.


  1. That's lovely Sue, thanks for the christmas wish! =)
    Hugs, Elenor

  2. Absolutely awesome. I love it, what a great card, wonderful, Hugs Cathy K

  3. Oh, really cute. I have lots of House Mouse stamps. What great ideas you have. Nice work. And you have a Merry Christmas also with a healthly New Year. I'm glad the doctor was able to help you. That is a wake up call and very scary.

  4. It is sooooo good to hear you sound so good Sue. I am thinking bout you all the time. I hope you let us know when you go in for surgery. Of course you cards are just as cute as can be. I love House Mouse stamps. It is so good to hear your cheery voice.
    With all my love!

  5. Sue, I thank God you are alright and will continue to pray for you.

    Yesterday I saw the image on the front of your card and told my Johnny Luv No. Now I want it. I have the inside image and I think the way you used is is super spiffy.

    Please, please take care of yourself. You are so precious to us.

  6. A beautiful card, Sue. Glad to hear you are on
    the mend. I can't imagine how scary it was for you and your family. I hope your Holidays are
    terrific and your New Year bright and healthy for you and your family.

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  8. A really sweet card Sue, love those little House Mouse and these are the most adorable.. You did a great job on them.. Take care of yourself and get better...
    If you get a chance take a peek at my blog for a treat http.//jeansdream.blogspot.com/
    Hugs and Good Luck

  9. These are very cute Sue
    Hugs Julie P

  10. Beautiful job on this sweet, adorable and cuter than buttons card Sue! You done good, honey chil'! Hope you'll hear good news this week in time for Christmas. Wishing you a most fabulous joyous Christmas and a very healthy 2012...Merry Christmas Hugs...Barb

  11. Both inside and the card front are adorable. Cute cards for your friends :-)

  12. Oooh! this is sooo cute. You've just inspired me to look into my house mouse collection!

  13. lovely card you made Sue, Merry Christmas to you and your family and I hope that 2012 proves to be a much better year for you. *hugs*

  14. Sue! I am SOOOOO glad you are OK! How scary!!! You do everything the doctor tells you to do or I'll sick Izzy on you!
    Gorgeous cards. Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas and a happy and HEALTHY New Year!!!
    Rene :D

  15. Gorgeous card Sue.. Hope your new year brings better news..Loz

  16. Wow what a beautiful card!!!!! Sorry to hear about your health !!!!! Wishing you the best in the New Year and merry ChristmaS!!!!!

  17. sooo cuute, and i luv the image on the front. Luv the whole card, the inside to go with the front! :-) Luv the background paper choice & the part you used for the front of the card too. Oh Sue!! I'm glad to hear from you!! Please take care of yourself, and please let us know how the surgery goes. Wishing you a merry christmas & a HEALTHY new year to you too!! Luv ya! :-)

  18. Gorgeous card. Love the House Mouse on the inside. I have the one on the front and feel a strong need to have the other one too!! So glad to hear you're feeling better.

  19. Sue, I am so sorry to hear about your heart attack but so very glad you came through ok. I'll say a prayer for your continued health.

    I love that card! So sweet, I can see why it brings you joy looking at it.

  20. So glad you're feeling better. Praise the Lord!
    Your card is so cute. I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Happy New Year!
    Hugs, Cathy-Lynn