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Monday, October 24, 2011

The Night Has A Thousand Eyes

In 1948 they made a movie with that title, starring Edward G. Robinson. In the 60's Bobby Vee sang a somewhat haunting love song with the same title. I have now created a Halloween card dedicated to this theme. Okay, so there's not a thousand, I didn't have enough wiggle eyes, but you get the idea.  The little beauty on the front was an image captured from the net, the black glitter tree and the caged raven (or crow, if you prefer) and all other birds were Jolee's great dimensional stickers. This one's for 9 Yr Old Zoe which means I've reached the end of the alphabet as well as the last of my Oct 31 cards for this year.

Here's the front:

On the inside, I used rub ons for the spider web, the tree and "Creepy". Sorry 'bout the P. I got the original letter stuck on my finger so had to find another, hence the different font. I think it's appropriate for Halloween, tho. Kinda wacky. The tree is obviously haunted with all those eyes staring out. If this isn't sufficiently creepy I don't know what is! I do know she likes my silly stuff so I think it will pass inspection. What do you think?

Now it's off to make Christmas Gift Card holders for the family. I figure if the gift can't be original, at least the presentation can!


  1. SPOOKY CARD sue..lOVE It..lOZ

  2. Great creepy halloween card! =)
    Hugs, Elenor

  3. wow so much details on this card, and it's definitely spooky! wow, Sue, you've been on the roll on this year's halloween! I bought a new set, planned to make cards, then this trip happened, and haven't made even ONE halloween card yet :-(