When Life Sends You Showers, Dance in the Puddles

Friday, May 20, 2011

Forgotten Treasures

I've been on a stamping and coloring tangent this past week so of course, I made a big mess in my craft area! I know, you've all been there and done that. But, good news for me! While I was cleaning up and putting away I found an older photo album that I used once upon a time to store some stamped images that I had set aside to be colored another day. Wow. I forgot I had this! It's like having a whole new stash of images just waiting to be made into cards. So, whipping out pens, paper, ink and glue I went to work. I have no idea how I managed to forget this little guy, but I remedied that oversight immediately. Here he is, in all his glory, sending love and smiles across the miles or something like that. For all the tea and coffee drinkers out there in blogland, here's a morning wake up cup for you.

It's Friday morning, so I'll just wish a happy relaxing weekend to everyone and that your local weather cooperates by bringing you lots of sunshine and bright days.


  1. it'll be 70~80F this weekend, here in western PA! Hooray! ;-) Glad you found that box :-) Luv the design & colors for this little guy! :-) ps. And i'm having a cup of tea now :-)

  2. Oh this came out so pretty and cute. I have that image but haven't used it yet. I think you have inspired me to try it.

  3. Beautiful card and colours Sue..Loz