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Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas Treats for Three Little Chicks

I made this candy dispenser for my nieces and nephew, just another little goodie treat for them while they wait for Santa. It was a great excuse to use more of my Maggie images and my new Copics  and have fun doing something a little different. The base is made from a chicken feeder that I sprayed white, I found an old Ball canning jar I had left over from some kitchen projects, and I made the Gingerbread grandma with wood shapes from Lara's Crafts. I was going to fill it with peppermint candies until I found out how much more it would cost to ship it filled. Whew! Can't afford that! So, sister dear is going to have to fill it herself but I don't think she'll mind.

Now I have to make the card to go with the candy. I got the idea from Caroline when I saw how she made her party invitation using three Tilda's. Liked the idea so much, I CASEd it from her. Thank you, Caroline, Great inspiration. Now if I can get my version to look half as good as hers, I'll be happy!!


  1. What a delightful project. Love the gingerbread lady.

  2. Oh Sue, you clever crafter you!!! This is so cute and what a great idea. You could always fill the jar with M&M's and maybe that wouldn't cost so much. Maybe just send along one bag and then let your daughter fill the rest. I know it wouldn't last 2 days on our house!!!! LOL
    You did such a nice job on those Tildas and putting them around the jar was a fabulous idea! Cute gingerbread paper and I love the red plaid ribbon and all the sparkle! Awesome job...hugs and blessings...Barb

  3. Isn't this ADORABLE!!! Just too stinkin' cute!
    Rene :D

  4. Hey - I am right there with you - black Friday means stay at home in your pjs on line!! Besides, I'm as whipped as those sweet potatoes were yesterday. Your project is great and what kid wouldn't appreciate a candy dispenser. I could not help but LOL when I read the base was a chicken feeder - well it is for little birds!
    Bye for now Puddle Lady.

  5. Hi Sue!! How delightful!! You are toooo clever!! I would never be able to come up with something like that!! Love 'em. Pat Frank

  6. You've done it again, Sue! You are super creative. Love your project!
    Leslie Avila

  7. What a fantastic gift idea!!!
    You have done a wonderful job on all the images.
    Love it :o)
    Hugs, Candy

  8. Sue, would you be My Aunt??!! LOL! They are very lucky to have you as an aunt! :-) that's a good idea for your sister to fill in the jar! Definitely it's more practical :-) Luv the colorings on your Magnolia stamps! Great gifts!

  9. What a darling candy jar! Are you sure you want to send it away? After all the gorgeous work on those Maggies, I think I would be selfish and keep it for me! Great job and so clever!

  10. What wonderful presents. I was stumped when I read a chicken feeder till I looked at the photos and realized it was maybe for baby chicks. Really a clever idea and I am sure the children will love them. Your colouring is awesome. My granddaughter is sitting in my lap, she is almost 2 and her favourite was Tilda with the candy cane. I love them all.
    hugs, DIana