When Life Sends You Showers, Dance in the Puddles

Friday, July 30, 2010

First Try at Watercolor

I was playing around with no inspiration at all so decided to try using one of the many aqua brushes I've accumulated over the years but never knew what to do with. So - I took one and used my Memento Dew Drop ink pads to color the daisy stamp on this card. What a surprise. It works! How fun. It's sure no masterpiece but now I have something new to learn. Oh boy, I guess that means more $$$ invested in inks!


  1. I like this, I too have several aqua brushes and a ton of those little dew drop ink pads. I think I see some weekend coloring for me. Thanks for the inspiration..love this card!

  2. This card came out very well, if this is a first attempt you are going to be a master with a little practice.